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Happy 32nd birthday, Paul Thomas Wasilewski. (July 23, 1982)

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They just released your audition tape [for The Notebook]. You’ve obviously seen that, and now it’s come out— is it weird to go back and look at the way you went about getting roles ten years ago?

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Tell ‘em that it’s my birthday When I party like that, Every night’s my birthday. They don’t know, so it’s okay. Tell ‘em that it’s my birthday When I party like that (Happy b-day Selena)

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We need to know who else is on that list. You mean, you need to know if you’re on the list. If someone’s coming to take my head off, then, yeah, I’d like to know.

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Lydia Martin in season four: episode five, “I.E.D.

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Marie Gomez!

I’m constantly trying to make myself better, to learn more. I didn’t finish college, so I feel like I’m always having to prove myself. I don’t want to feel like the smallest person in the room.

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Careful gentleman, something wicked this way comes.

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